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Battery Centre Mitchells Plain

Superior Car, Leisure, Truck & Bike Batteries

Battery Centre Mitchells Plain, Cape Town – Our high-quality, technologically advanced range of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) Raylite motor car starter batteries are proudly manufactured in SA and now carry an extended two-year warranty. Choose the battery specialists for industry-leading service and reliability.

Automotive battery services & supply – Auto electrical repair workshop

  • Leisure batteries
  • Commercial Vehicle Batteries
  • Car Batteries
  • Motorcycle Batteries
  • FREE Battery Testing
  • Auto Electrical

If you don’t have a battery, you’re going nowhere. If your battery is okay but your wiring is faulty, Battery Centre Mitchells Plain have an auto electrical workshop on our premises. We have qualified auto electricians to take care of all your battery requirements, wiring and electrical repairs on your vehicle. Battery Centre Mitchells Plain stocks Raylite automotive batteries, the most trusted locally manufactured battery brand. Raylite is used in almost every locally manufactured vehicle and used as original equipment during manufacture. Our team of mechanics include qualified auto electricians. Contact us for your auto electrical repairs.

Suppliers of big brand automotive batteries

The Raylite range includes the maintenance free Raylite Silver Calcium Battery, the Raylite Nano is suitable for Stop/Start vehicles and the Raylite Ultimate AGM battery, ideal for 4×4/offroad applications. Our service centre also specialises in car airconditioner regas and repairs.

Nationwide Guarantee, 120 Support outlets in South Africa, OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!

We offer the following free value added services to our clients:

Battery Check, Battery Fitting, Charge Rate Test. Battery Repairs, Expert Advice, Auto Electrical services

Aircon Regas and Repairs.

At Battery Centre Mitchells Plain we do aircon re-gas and repairs, including makeup and replacement of rubber hoses, aluminium welding of pipes, replacement of condensers and evaporators etc.

The regas service includes:

  • Remove old oil from air-con pump
  • Vacuum whole system
  • Replace PAG Oil
  • Fill with R134-A Gas to the correct level
  • Check Pollen Filter statu
  • Add fluorescent dye to check for minor leaks with UV detection
  • Anti-fungal treatment

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Our services

Battery Centre’s comprehensive range of leisure batteries offers maximum convenience and performance for many different applications. Please contact us for pricing.

Marine batteries

Caravan batteries

Portable television batteries

Solar batteries

Battery Centre’s leisure batteries offer the following features and benefits:


Longer battery life

Low maintenance

High-performance technology for frequent charge and discharge cycles

Shock and vibration resistance
Types of commercial vehicle batteries

We stock a wide range of batteries for commercial vehicles. Give us a call or visit to discuss your specific battery needs and pricing.

Our commercial battery range offers the following features and benefits:

Improved performance

Improved safety

Longer life and corrosion resistance

Reduced maintenance

Short-circuit resistance

Proven reliability

Please contact us for pricing. At Battery Centre Mitchells Plain, we are capable of fitting a full range of batteries for any vehicle. We stock industry-leading Raylite automotive batteries that carry true nationwide warranties – ensuring that you can have complete peace of mind on the road.

If you’re not sure which type of battery you need for your car, just contact us and we'll assist.

Automotive battery type Features and benefits


Lead/calcium/silver alloys

Maintenance free under normal operating conditions

Resistance to overcharge

Minimal water loss

State of the art technology

Low self discharge

Low internal resistance

Less expensive to operate

Higher cold crank rating

Suitable for diesel engines

Higher energy throughput

Higher corrosion resistance

Improved safety features


Designed for micro-hybrid (stop/start) vehicles but suitable for all cars on the roads

New negative plate additives and new processing techniques for improved charge acceptance

Stop/start cycling performance

Twice the lifecycle of standard flooded automotive batteries in stop/start conditions

High cranking power

Fully recyclable

Longer lasting, energy saving

Will not require maintenance under normal operating conditions

24 month nationwide guarantee


AGM Technology immobilises the acid in the battery

High starting currents

Extreme vibration resistance for rough terrain

Deep cycle applications

Stop/start capabilities optimised for micro hybrid vehicles


Nationwide guarantee

Three battery capacities – 70, 80 and 92Ah


Ideal for use in diesel vehicles

Environmentally friendly
Batteries for Motorbikes & Scooters

We have a wide range of motorcycle batteries to suit your needs. Give us a call in Mitchells Plain or visit your nearest Battery Centre for expert advice on the best options for your desired application.

To find a motor vehicle battery price or product, please contact us

If you are experiencing any car trouble and suspect the cause may be your battery, simply go to your nearest Battery Centre outlet for a free battery test.


Our battery specialists will check your existing car battery completely free of charge. Should your battery need to be replaced – immediate test results are available that will facilitate claim adjudication. We will provide expert advice on the best options available for your specific needs. We will then replace and fit the new battery quickly and efficiently – making sure you can get back on the road in the shortest possible time.
If you don't have a battery, you're going nowhere. If your battery is okay but your wiring is faulty, Battery Centre Mitchells Plain have an auto electrical workshop on our premises. We have qualified auto electricians to take care of all your battery, wiring and electrical repairs on your vehicle.


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